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»Adulruna Redivia And Beyond«, the new THERION double live DVD + bonus DVD features two shows that have been recorded live in Atlanta in 2011 and in Budapest in 2007. »Adulruna Redivia And Beyond« is available as a limited edition Digipak.

Comment from the band: “The concert recorded in Hungary was a concert on the “Adulruna Rediviva” 20 year Anniversary-Tour in December. The idea of the tour was to play the entire »Theli« album + a set consisting of songs that the fans had voted for on the band web page. Piotr Wawrzeniuk and our old friend Messiah Marcolin joined in to make this evening extra special. The concert in Atlanta was the band‘s only show in the USA since 2007 and was shot during the band‘s headline performance at the ProgPower festival 2011”.

DVD is in  a PAL format, if you live outside Europe make sure that you have a player that supports it.

Track listTotal runtime 
1- The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrha (Live in Budapest 2007)6:48 
2- Son Of The Sun (Live in Budapest 2007)5:41 
3- Midgård (Live in Budapest 2007)5:02 
4- Asgård (Live in Budapest 2007)4:01 
5- The Wine Of Alugah (Live in Budapest 2007)4:44 
6- Wisdom And The Cage (Live in Budapest 2007)5:44 
7- Kali Yuga I (Live in Budapest 2007)6:46 
8- Kali Yuga II (Live in Budapest 2007)5:43 
9- Kali Yuga III (Live in Budapest 2007)3:45 
10- Lemuria (Live in Budapest 2007)5:26 
11- Via Nocturna (Live in Budapest 2007)10:12 
12- An Arrow From The Sun (Live in Budapest 2007)5:54 
13- Typhon (Live in Budapest 2007)4:32 
14- Ginnungagap (Live in Budapest 2007)6:14 
15- Preludium1:31 
16- To Mega Therion6:33 
17- Cults Of The Shadow5:16 
18- In The Desert Of Set5:43 
19- Interludium1:56 
20- Nightside Of Eden7:58 
21- Opus Eclipse3:53 
22- Invocation of Naamah6:01 
23- The Siren Of The Woods10:33 
24- Grand Finale / Postludium4:42 
25- Adulruna Rediviva (Live in Budapest 2007)14:07 
26- Black Funeral (Live in Budapest 2007)4:57 
Track listTotal runtime 
1- Sitra Ahra (Live in Atlanta 2011)5:33 
2- The Wine Of Alugah (Live in Atlanta 2011)4:44 
3- Typhon (Live in Atlanta 2011)5:32 
4- The Perennial Sophia (Live in Atlanta 2011)4:56 
5- Hellequin (Live in Atlanta 2011)5:16 
6- Nifelheim (Live in Atlanta 2011)4:52 
7- Clavicula Nox (Live in Atlanta 2011)9:25 
8- Voyage Of Gurdijeff (Live in Atlanta 2011)6:26 
9- Ljusalfheim (Live in Atlanta 2011)3:55 
10- Dies Irae (Live in Atlanta 2011)2:21 
11- Ginnungagap (Live in Atlanta 2011)5:57 
12- Kali Yuga III (Live in Atlanta 2011)3:46 
13- Call Of Dagon (Live in Atlanta 2011)4:32 
14- The Siren Of The Woods (Live in Atlanta 2011)8:29 
15- The Wild Hunt (Live in Atlanta 2011)3:55 
16- Blood Of Kingu (Live in Atlanta 2011)5:39 
17- Lemuria (Live in Atlanta 2011)4:40 
18- Abraxas (Live in Atlanta 2011)6:44 
19- Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrha (Live in Atlanta 2011)6:52 
20- To Mega Therion (Live in Atlanta 2011)9:33 
21- Quetzalcoatl (Live in Atlanta 2012)4:36 
Track listTotal runtime 
1- 01115:05 
2- Amazing voice14:14 
3- Kali Yuga III3:40 
4- Son of The Staves of Time5:13 

Therion - Adulruna Rediviva and Beyond

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