Bells of Doom

Bells of Doom is a compilation released by the official fan club back in 2001! This release contains rare tracks from early recordings of the band. The first two tracks come from a rehearsal in 1987 when they were still called Blitzkrieg.Blitzkrieg – "Rockn' Roll Jam"

Blitzkrieg – "Scared to Death (Excerpt)"

Therion – "Bells of Doom"

Therion – "Macabre Declension"

Therion – "Paroxysmal Holocaust"

Therion – "Outro"

Therion – "Ravaged"

Therion – "Black (demo)"

Therion – "Melez (demo)"

Therion – "Path of the Psychopath


Signed live photograph 


Les Fleurs Du Mal poster comes as a gift

Super package

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