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Evil Masquerade 

A song that was taken out from the debut album because it sounded too similar to other songs. According to some involved with the band it was one of the best songs and totally the wrong one to remove…

Where the Lilies Grow

“Where the Lilies Grow” dates from 1995 and was one of the two songs that the band Theli rehearsed. The other song was later taken over by Therion and was re-arranged into what became the song Cults of the Shadow (on the legendary album that that was named after the band Theli when it was abandoned).

This was recorded for the debut, but Chris wasn’t entirely happy with the version. So it had to be partly re-recorded and remixed. This is the results.

Serpent Messiah

A song originally recorded for a Therion album, that was left out due to sounding too vintage. The song was now given to LLO, who recorded it for this EP.

Thunder Perfect Mind

At first this song was also recorded for a Therion album, that was left out due to sounding Chris not liking the version. Instead of re-recording it, it was left behind, much to the dislike of some members, who thought it was would have been one of the better songs on the album intended. As Therion isn’t about to re-record or release the current recording of it anytime soon, LLO decided to re-record it with more vintage sounding arrangements.

A small part with male vocals was kept from the original Therion recording as a tribute to it’s origins.


Luciferian Light Orchestra - Black EP

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