Leviathan II promotional bottles made in cooperation with a small local alcohol producer on the island of Gozo where Christofer lives. The package is 0,3 litre (0.10 litre each) and it contains 21% alcohol. The flavours are: 


Dragons Blood = Carob


Angels Blood = Cactus fruit


Hellfire = Lemon


The design was done by Thomas Ewerhard who did the Leviathan II album design. 


This is a strictly limited item and is exclusive to this mail order. So if you are a collector, a super fan or want to buy the ultimate Christmas present, this is an opportunity not to miss. 


For each purchase 15% (5 EUR) is used for a local animal welfare charity that Mina and Chris are involved with. 


The ultimate Christmas present for any Therion fan and perhaps the most precious collectors item produced yet due to its limited low number.


Leviathan II booze pack

29,99 €Price